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Man Wishes To Rethink Choices Right About Now

Fox 4 News had a story tonight on the arrest of an engaged couple for alleging "engaging" in very inappropriate acts with a 13 year old girl. (Arrests like this happen every day, but it made Fox 4, I suppose, because they had cameras there to film the arrest. That makes for good TV.)

The guy had an insurance agency for Nationwide (I bet they're pleased). And the 45 year old male also had a 20 year old girlfriend. Sir!

Edit: And then it dawned on me that 52 year old Bruce Willis is dating a 23 year old Playboy model named Tamara Witmer. That's completely different.


Anonymous said...

At least age difference doesn’t matter to you! Boy, you and Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Nationwide is on your side. And look at the knockers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nationwide paid for those Double wides.

Anonymous said...

52 and 23 you say?

I was thinking you didn't have a chance but now I guess you should just go for it and call Britney up afterall.