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What The?

So I'm sitting here with the Ranger game on in the background and hear something that instantly causes me to grab the TIVO remote and hit rewind. Broadcaster Tom Grieve is recalling his first grand slam with play-by-play man Josh Lewin as the Rangers are batting in the 7th.

Josh Lewin : Who did you [hit it off of]?

Tom: It was in Seattle. Mike Kekich . . . I ended up playing winter ball with him a couple of years in Venezuela. Great guy . . . Pretty good pitcher, too. Unfortunately for Mike, he was probably [sic] his big league career being know as the guy that switched wives with Fritz Peterson back in the '70s.

Josh Lewin: Yeah, that was an uncomfortable moment for the sport. [With a tone of incredible tension.]

Tom: Both Fritz and Mike ended up at one time pitching for the Rangers. Both of them started with the Yankees - that's when they had their wife swapping incident. We always kidded Kekich that the reason it didn't work out with Fritz Peterson's wife [was] because she had to take such a pay cut to come to Kekich . Whereas Kekich 's wife went to Fritz Peterson who was making three times as much money.

[After a few awkward jokes]

Josh Lewin : I'm really glad I asked you who you hit your first grand slam off of.


Edit: I've learned the incident made the #6 most shocking moment in the MLB history according to ESPN.

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