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I bird dropped a little sumtin' sumtin' on the President during his news conference yesterday (it was probably when he uttered the oft-used line of, "They'll follow us home.")

Anyway, they were replaying it on KXAS, Channel 5 this morning when Tammy Dombeck chimed in and said, "That's supposed to be good luck to have that happen to you!"

Say what?


Anonymous said...

People just tell you that to make you feel better about having a bird poop on you.

comment4U said...

lol...10:50. I once defended the "cute pigeons" at the elementary school -- they have spiked anti-bird devices in the beams of the awning. "It's a shame they block them from nesting...." Then one pooped on my shoulder.

D*mn bird.

Anonymous said...

If only Bulls could fly.