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New (Jack City) Dallas Justice

This will rile up your average Wise County citizen:

Credit Card Company issues a credit card to what some of you would refer to as a Mexican [hereinafer referred to as "The Mexican"]. The Mexican runs up a bill and doesn't pay the Credit Card Company. The Credit Card Company sues. Lawyer for Credit Card Company sends The Mexican something called Requests for Admissions which asks him to admit or deny that he owes the money. The Mexican ignores it. The law says that Requests for Admissions that are ignored are "deemed admitted" which means The Mexican just admitted he owed the bill. Lawyer for Credit Card Company files a Motion for Summary Judgment which says, in essense, "Since The Mexican has admitted he owes us the money, there's no need for a trial, and we want a judgment for the money The Mexican owes us."

Pretty simple, huh?

Uh, oh. On January 1st a new judge who happens to be African American and female and a Democrat took over the court. (As did every other Democrat in Dallas County judicial races.)

So how does The Mexican win the Motion for Summary Judgment? Let's just say it has something to do with English. Oh, my.


Anonymous said...

Nah, it doesn't matter anymore. At some point, when it's all gone and we're all looking around for the person that pulled the plug on America, we'll think back and realize it might not have been a good idea to pump out of our schools a couple million kids a year that have no skills and will need the gravy train all their life, or the millions who are more concerned with their right to insert their dingalings into other people's pooters, or the millions who voted to "stick it" to the wealthy through regulations and taxes on those that work hard and make money; only to eventually have those with money say "screw it" I'm selling out, retiring and then let all those their wealth has supported go scratch for themselves. Soon we'll be way past the rights of gays and onto the rights of pedophiles and necros. And then when all the illegal immigrants decide they have converted this country into a place just like the one they will all be Canada's problem.

Anonymous said...

I like how its worded here,
credit card "issued"...
like its a mandatory m16 in the army or something

... no.. it was not issued..
Apparently "the mexican" understood enough English to apply for the card..
And since when did knowing English become a prerequisite to paying your bills?
Seems to me like there are plenty of other "mexicans" who manage to do that each month without incident.

Anonymous said...

Let me be first "Wise" county resident to say Good! Long live democracy!

Anonymous said...

Instead of declaring Spanish a new national language, how about some racial cleansing? I'm in the mood for a good genocide...

Anonymous said...

The issue, in this Yellow Dog Democrat's opinion, is the wacky Judge is being an activist on the bench.

The Mexican owes the money. The Mexican did not respond to the credit card lawyer.

The Judge is overlooking the fact that the Mexican understood enough English to take out the credit card, made charges on the credit card and has the legal responsiblity of responding to the creditors.

What if a Mexican owed the local bank money and does not pay. Would Judge Cude require the First National Bank of Wise County attorneys to file for summary judgement in Spanish?

The answer is NOT if he wants to be reelected.

The problem I have with Mexicans, Lations or immigrants who refuse to speak English is they think we are racists because we don't like their speaking Spanish to one another in our presence.

To me, speaking Spanish at work, in the grocery store, in a resturant, at a social event when they are a guest at your home or during a real estate transaction is rude. How would they feel if we went into a corner and started whispering?

We are not racist because we don't like it. They are holding on to their culture and not becoming part of America and they are getting by with it because there are so many more coming across the border every day.

Unlike the Irish and German immigants who understood they needed to become part of our country, Spanish speaking immigrants are holding on to the culture and country of their origin.

The Democratic Judge is wrong to rule agaisnt the creditor on the basis of English. Hopefully, next time she will be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

So was the credit card application also in Spanish????......NO!!

Anonymous said...

I blame the democrats.

Anonymous said...

Long live the democratic party. 2 more years is long enough. Did you know that illegal aliens kill more Americans in a year than all soldiers killed in Iraq since the war began? But you liberal communists need more people in your ignorant voter base so it's ok to not defend our borders and register them to vote. I hope you are happy with what you are doing to our country.

Anonymous said...

I am immediatly going to apply for all the credit cards that I can get, run them up and not pay them. When I go to court I will use this case as precedence since my last name is German, and I doubt they will send me a Request for Admissions statement in German. If called to testify I will have a German translator at my side and pretend I do not understand a bit of english. If I win based on this precedence I will then move my ass back to Germany where I belong!!!

Anonymous said...

Wise County's finest right here on the blog.

Anonymous said...

With the growing population of illegal immigrants allowed into the country each day, the credit card company should have been a little smarter. Their documents should be in english and spanish. Like it or not. We as employers are required to do so. It's called CYA. It keeps someone from crying "I Don't Understand what I am Signing" You never know what might happen.

I am in a position on a daily basis to deal with non-english speaking individuals. They always ask if I speak Spanish. I say NO. (I want to say "Do I look like I speak Spanish?") Either the conversation ends at that point or all of the sudden they have aquired some english speaking skills. I don't waste my time trying to understand them.

Anonymous said...

To throw it out because it wasn't in Spanish is rather lame. I've spoken American (not sure we speak English anymore) all my life; if the Requests for Admissions was written like the fine print on the application I may not have had a clue what they were saying.

Also, there are companies that send cards without applications.

And there is such a thing as Identity Theft.

Perhaps a trial would have gotten at the whole picture.

Anonymous said...

This black female democrat judge has lived up to my expectations!

Anonymous said...

Accountability. Does. Not. Exist. In. America. But I'm still going to raise my kids to own their choices, actions, behavior, and consequences. Starting to understand why so many patriotic Americans are migrating to Ecuador.