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Last Team Standing

I'm not sure how much the county cares about basketball, but Decatur is still alive in the playoffs. They play Argyle on Tuesday - a team they lost to earlier this year.

A duplicate of the above picture is here on the DHS website - a site that is notorious for hosting pictures that are only slightly smaller than posters.


TT said...

I am very interested at how well the Decatur Boys basketball team is doing. Obviously, Coach Berry is a great coach. He has taken the boys to the playoffs several years, and while he was the girls coach, they were also in the playoffs.

I've heard this may be his last year which makes me very sad. My best years at DHS were on the court, playing for Coach Berry.

Anonymous said...

decatur people should stop living their lives thru 16-17 year old kids.

littlepastor said...

Where's all the color in Decatur?

Anonymous said...

anon at 9:27 must be from bridgeport. how did far did your boys team go? oh wait, they failed again and didnt make it. how far did the girls team go? oh wait, another choker that couldnt get out of district.


Anonymous said...

3:00, responsible adults don't use words like "fail" and "choker" when talking about mop headed boys and pony tailed girls that play sports and do so to have fun. Only "I've lived around here all my life" nutjob "the refs screwed us out of that game", vicarious-living sports parents and now-tubby former high school athlete "I'm too chicken to say it to their face" wannabes do.

Anonymous said...

bridgeport people should stop failing in their lives thru 16-17 year old kids.

Anonymous said...

The Eagles have gone farther than most expected they could - I am so proud of them.

They improved with every game, and although they lost a close and hard-fought battle tonight against Argyle, they've played with class and style all year long.

They've played a clean game all season, and kept their heads up through it all. As far as sportsmanship and teamwork goes, they are head and shoulders above all their competition, and should be very proud of the class they displayed on the court.

Seniors, it's been a fun ride; watching you all year long play as a team, each one selfless in every act. You have so much to be proud of! You're all winners.

Sophomores and juniors, you have big shoes to fill, but you've also proved you can continue this winning tradition--good luck to you all.