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Attorney General Greg Abbott . . .

. . . must have read some of your comments about his recent opinion regarding County Clerks being thrown in jail if they release social security numbers.

He's issued an "Uh, oh. Let's tap the brakes for 60 days" opinion. (Here.)


Anonymous said...

60 days for the legislature to fix this mess....

Commerce will be shut down because title companies for oil/gas and the real estate industry have to complete their title searches. An oil/gas attorney costs $250 an hour to do the title search directly at the County Clerk's office or it can order an abstract that takes hours and hours longer at $250 an hour.

This is just nuts and reasoning must prevail. Identity theft is a bad thing but shutting down the oil/gas industry or the real estate industry in Wise County will cost a lot more than any problem with Identity Theft.

I'm sure their are more purse snatchers in Wise County stealing SS cards, credit cards, check books than they are people lurking in the County Clerk's office going through all the records to find our SS numbers.

Craddock and Phil King have the vote to straighten out the Republican AG... If not, I think they are committing political suicide.

How many law suits have been filed? Check on that Barry and please let us know.

This one is not going away for awhile.

Anonymous said...

60 day time out on this stupid opinion by Abbott does not apply in Wise County.

In clerk's office yesterday to look up information and was drilled by County Clerk employee.

Did you look at the volume? she asked. Yes, I looked. There is a 60 day period allowing me to look.

Her response was "Don't do that again". Since after 60 days, we have to check all the documents, we are just going to start looking at every thing now.

60 day time out doesn't apply here! What does the County Clerk know that we don't know or is she just making up her own rules?

Think it might get interesting at the County Clerk's office before 60 days is up.