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Am I Missing Something?

The Messenger constantly reports on the number of auto sales that occur in the county. I'm not remotely interested in this but I [see] stories like this all the time.

Edit: Left out "see" in the first post. That explains the first comment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are missing something. Possibly the word see or read.

I agree...nobody wants to read that crap.

Anonymous said...

Car sales is one of the many factors used to determine the strength or weakness of the economy.

When sales are up, the theory is people have money to spend, that's known as the marginal propensity to consume.

When sales are down, the theory is things are financially not a good at home.

Not to mention the car sales, particularly in Wise County, add a lot of money to the local government through sales taxes.

Anonymous said...

It helps us to gage how much richer James Wood and Karl Klement are getting and if they are going to be buying more land to develop around us.

Anonymous said...

There is no local sales tax on the sale of cars and trucks.

Anonymous said...

So right 2:33 - and aren't car sales a guage of how much oil we need to run this country?

I don't think it has anything to do with Wood and Klement. They just chose those professions to get in. Smart guys?

Heck, they have to drive too!

Anonymous said...

2:33 and 6:56, The car sales in Wise County add ZERO dollars to the local government through sales taxes. There is no local sales tax paid on car and truck sales.

Anonymous said...

Ever think about who puts the most ads in the Mess ?