The Campaign For DA


Cell Phone Pics

County Attorney Greg Lowery giving a closing argument today. Assistant County Attorney Thomas Aaberg is seated, Judge Melton Cude and Baliff/Sheriff's Deputy Kirk Gibson can be seen in the background.

(Taken with permission - I'm not crazy.)


Anonymous said...

I thought you were risking your life taking those until I scrolled down and saw your disclamer.

mzchief said...

To Barry...
There is a REASONIBLE certainty there are NUMEROUS people who are willing and capable of making a VERY compelling argument to the CONTRARY of you're not being crazy.

Ahhh....uhhhhh...not that it REALLY matters but I have ALWAYS thought Greg Lowery was a nice looking man, ESPECIALLY for being an attorney. Next time you see him please mention that he occasionally wears his tie a wee short. You KNOW he will APPRECIATE you telling him THAT.


Kingfish said...

I remember when Tommy Lasorda put Kirk in the first game of the World Series and he won the game with a homerun.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think I took the pictures, Mzchief? hubba hubba.

mzchief said...


I TRULY should proof read PRIOR to posting my comment.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the W.C.A comments, Mz.....I'll bet both you and C4U are hot for that guy with his hands on his chin.

To me, he looks like a real lib in sheeple's clothing.

Anonymous said...

Does Greg Lowery get drunk and run naked? I've always wondered that.