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"Springtown Bank Robbery Suspect Caught In Wise County"

"Decatur, TX (WBAP) - A man suspected of robbing a Springtown bank Tuesday morning was arrested at a Wise County convenience store. Deputies noticed 18-year-old Robert C Joplin, and the car he was driving, matched the description of the man who held up a Bank One in Springtown. Deputies say Joplin was arrested without a struggle and some of the bank's money was found." That's all I know.


Anonymous said...

I see my comment about Jana was not "approved." NOW I understand the REAL reason behind your enabling comment moderation. JONES is the reason. You have succumed to her pressure. Shame on you! Don't tell me the comment went off into "never never land" somewhere..... you chicken.

Anonymous said...

Instead of driving around in the getaway car which was a red convertible, just put a stupid sign on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

Good job veteran Tony Rogers, "Bubba you got caught in Leroy Burch's county". That giant taught us common sense and ethics- KUDO'S