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Those "White Hat" Guys Are Having A Tough Time

For 4 News just told me (by way of the television) that an arrest warrant has been issued for Rockwall County D.A. Ray Sumrow for "Abuse of Official Capacity." The Texas Rangers claim that he deposited $67,980 in his personal account although he later paid it back. An "FBI Analyst" says that Sumrow used those funds to "support his living expenses for a year."

Hey, hoss, just get a loan next time. Or better yet, don't buy more crap than you can afford.

Four months ago, Louis “Bill” Conradt Jr., 56, the chief felony assistant district attorney for Rockwall County killed himself after the "To Catch A Predator" crew showed up at his doorstep.

Things have not been-a-good in the Rockwall County D.A.'s office.


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