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Big News That Ain't

I'm not sure I've ever seen more media apathy than over the coverage of the "Christ's Family Burial Tomb Found" (Including Son) story. It got a huge segment on NBC's The Today Show and was featured on The Drudge Report, but it barely made a note on CNN. The best I can tell, Yahoo News completely ignores it. [Edit: Yahoo appears to be covering the story on the morning after it broke.]

How can we not trust the director of Titanic? I mean, he made up that Jack Dawson character but that can be forgiven.


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m&m said...

Major scam. Can't be Jesus' bones because he was resurrected. The tomb was empty. He appeared to many and they saw him and felt of his body that he was not in spirit form. And the Bible tells us that his resurrection was permanent, not temporary.

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Breaking news:A tombstone marked Jesus has been found at the local Mexican cemetary in Bridgeport Texas. A movie about the findings will be released in the summer of '07. Director Steven Spielberg said "I believe this is the real burial place of Jesus of Nazereth, I mean how many people really would name their son's Jesus."

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I was at a meeting once in Mexico and sat in a room with 3 Jesus' and a John.

Hollywood is in a freefall!