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Trying Something New

In Colleyville. Pretty cool. Pretty hi-tone. Edit: That place is great. Has a nice restaurant on one side and a very fancy bar area on the other which has a menu that is outstanding. And it's one of those movie/restaurant concepts where you can have your meal while you eat. Comfy seats. And there's an IMAX in there. (Website)


Anonymous said...

Always a good idea to have your meal while you eat. But, these concepts that mix restaurant with movie ALWAYS fail miserably after a very brief life as a local novelty. You never see one of these that isn't "brand new" somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Im glad someone caught Ive been drinking and I know that wasnt correct..hehe Sorry B... I love ya still 8-)

-A cute follower of yours...keep up the great work!

Gator said...

Dude! That's one of my favorite hangouts! My g'friends and I love going there - a drink...or two, split an appetizer and see a chick flick - you can't beat it. And, it's not so's just not Wise County.

comment4U said...

Told ya. And Gator, we've probably sat a mere loveseat away from each other...=) This is my private BeGoodToMyself Haunt too! And you're right...not "hi-tone." Just not crummy.