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Final Half Marathon Thoughts

- 7:30 is too early of a start time - I'm sooo glad we started at 7:30 before the wind really kicked up - That being said, there were a couple of times I could have sworn I wasn't moving when running into the wind. It was horrible. I was looking for a fat person to run behind. - Odd sight: A crane/cherry picker extended over the runners at the one mile mark with a fake priest in it with a sign that read "Blessing of the Feet." - We ran by the high tone Rivercrest country club and I saw a well dressed guy hitting an approach shot. I so wanted to yell, "A thousand bucks says you slice!" - I did something I've never done before in a race: I stopped for about 15 seconds at a water station. It was at the 10 mile mark and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it. My thighs were on fire. - The final 300 yards is supposed to be a great moment and time of reflection as the Sense Of Accomplishment kicks in. My was ruined by some middle aged woman (who I didn't know) slapping me on the back as she ran beside me yelling "Isn't this great! Isn't this great!" and then looking at me like I'm supposed to answer her.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she drank her beer before she started.

Anonymous said...

The guy that won the thing had a bloody right foot.

I'll bet every orthopedic doctor and respiratory doctor had wide smiles anticipating next week's work schedule.

Glad you made it Barry and hope you didn't get too much of a sandblasting.

Try a bit of icy hot on those thighs.


Anonymous said...

How about this lady in the FULL marathon. Not too shabby. Should be a goal for BCG.

Overall 350
Donna Giblin Decatur TX 184
Age: 64
3 F 60-64
pace: 10:45/M

Anonymous said...

who gives a crap.

Anonymous said...

What place did Barron Green finish?

Anonymous said...