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What a pain. That paragraph in last week's Attorney General Opinion by Greg Abbott is causing major headaches around Texas. No longer can a social security number be released in a document that is otherwise public. I'm not sure how Wise County is handling it - the county went to document imaging about 5 years ago and you can walk into the clerk's office and look up public records - many of which have social security numbers on them. So do they now go back and redact the SSN and rescan them?


Anonymous said...

I've heard a rumor that some County Clerks are now denying the public the right to search the public records, because of this issue. Now THAT is getting crazy.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to rescan a document to remove items from it. There are automated image editors that will go through large batches of images and can find items (either something in the image, or text via OCR) and alter the image. ImageMagick is one example. Of course the county will buy something that doesn't work, or do it by hand, finding yet another way to waste our money. Pro Tip: ImageMagick is free!

Anonymous said...

Use white-out on the monitors.

Bring up the image, draw a white-out line through the SSN on the screen and presto!!!'re done.

(Dropping the baited hook into the Wise County gene pool.....let's see what we catch)

Anonymous said...

12:11, That's absurd. Who is going to pay for the white out and our taxes will be raised because we will have to hire someone to clean the monitors?

Anonymous said...

There's our first keeper...let's rebait the hook and see if we got anymore out there......hehehe

Anonymous said...

12:11, There is a better product than white out on the market. It is called Liquid Paper. I don't know how well it works on computer monitors though. You are now in charge of that research.

Anonymous said...

Greg Abbott just shut down the oil and gas industry drilling plans in the state of Texas. How? Can't get the title work to drill new leases. I think Greg Abbott just committed political suicide. He just shut down all county clerk's offices in the state and unless he backs up or law suits are filed (and they are being filed)oil field workers are going to be looking for a part time jobs!

Anyone wanting a social security number for idenity theif can steal your purse because I bet most people carry their social security cards in the wallet or purse!

Greg Abbott is either an idiot or is trying to shut down the small independents!

Anonymous said...

Land men are screaming at County Clerks all over the state of Texas! This is not a pretty picture. The county clerk employees can help pull up documents for the land men but how long will that take.

Ever been in the County Clerk's office? Lots of looking up records for the oil and gas industry in some Wise, Denton, Tarrant.

The County clerk knows who the regulars are and they make too much money working for the oil and gas industry. They are not in the County Clerk's office looking up yours or mine social security numbers!

Voters, don't vote to put nuts in office!

Anonymous said...

Where is TXsharon who hates Greg Abbott? She is asleep at the wheel on this issue or she is happy Devon is going to have to wait to get title work done!

No drilling will save the water from getting contaminated.

TXsharon doesn't like land men either.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news! Emergency bill passed to give 60 days to figure all of this out.

Oil men called Craddock....

Devon back to drilling.

Big Oil wins again and roughnecks stay on the job!

Land men rush back to county clerk's office to catch up for days lost.

Almost happy and things are back to normal.

Anonymous said...

What are we going to do about the white-out on the monitors????