Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Arlington City Council created (a more accurate word than "approved") an ordinance banning texting (but not talking) on a cellphone while driving. Listen, just because you are elected to a rule/ordinance/law making authority doesn't mean you have to act.
  • Based upon Rick Perry's initial comments (questioning whether the President loves America; calling the Federal Reserve Chairman's actions almost "treasonous"), he needs to learn he's not in Texas anymore. (But the President was pretty funny when he said we should "cut him some slack" since Perry "hasn't been at this very long.")
  • Wise County teachers being trained yesterday saw some over-the-top child abuse photos?
  • I suppose its the heat, but I don't think I've ever had to dodge the remnants of so many blown tires on the highways.
  • Michelle Bachman urged the crowd yesterday, on the anniversary of Elvis' death, to wish him Happy Birthday. I don't fault her for the screw-up. I do fault her for any reference to Elvis.
  • I don't eat hamburgers very often, but the the thick patty kind drive me nuts. Give me a skinny one -- like Sonic's.
  • "Creepy Game Show Hosts Likes To Kiss Young Girls On TV."  And we thought Richard Dawson used to be bad on Family Feud. Oh, my.
  • How have the Ecclestone Sisters not replaced the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and every other fake celeb? How have I not heard of the Ecclestone Sisters? "Hey, now." 
  • The Stray Dog is still with us. The only problem is that he starts barking at night until he is happily placed in the utility room. 
  • Sports: (1) I might have to rethink my Rangers prediction. The lead over Angels is now at 6 games. (2) The Evil Empire has a big quarterback problem. (3) The Cowboys defense is going to be horrible this year. (4) I'm not sure what is going down at "The U", but that school is about to be killed. (5) Jim Thome hit his 600th home run this week. I saw him hit a home run in my only trip to Yankee Stadium in the mid 1990s. 
  • An 11 year old from Bridgeport is listed in the Update's Obituaries. 
  • Anyone remember when the Update would list those who were admitted to and released from the Decatur Hospital?  Talk about Gossip Central. 
  • With the goofy electoral college (no need for any presidential signs in Texas, for example), the next election for the White House  is probably down to about 10 important states. Anyone know an objective website that identifies them? Edit: Thanks, commentor. Great breakdown is here.