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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We've got a dead body and a "who done it" in Wise County (two posts down)  and we can't get the story on any metroplex TV station? What do we need? Two bodies?
  • The Family Clothes Dryer no longer drys clothes. Ugh. But I've hated that thing from the day I bought it -- And I'm thinking of going Industrial Size this time. Suggestions?
  • The remodeling of TCU's stadium is continuing. Did I hear correctly that there aren't any lights so two September games have been moved from evenings to the day, and that majority of the crowd will be forced into the east stands which (obviously) looks back into the sun? It'll be a nice stadium when completed but for now: Beat-Ing.
  • And the death of the child in Bridgeport a couple of days ago was due to a gun accident. No foul play. Just a horrible and tragic accident. 
  • My first club experience ever: Seeing a new wave band called The Telefones in a club called Tango on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. I was pretty sure I wasn't in Wise County any more. 
  • I know you don't care about the current scandal at the University of Miami but you have to like the reason given for blowing the whistle on the school by the incarcerated ex-booster: "Straight up revenge." (And the story, investigated and broken by Yahoo! Sports has been said to be the "finest piece of online sports journalism in history.". Take a look at the story where they list the implicated players to the side with hyperlinks taking you to the allegations and supporting documentation.)
  • "The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said Wednesday that it has levied a $212,500 fine against J-W Operating Co. of Wise County."
  • Nice moment when I woke up in the middle of the night: A quiet house, The Family Pup asleep under the sheets, the Family Cat amazingly asleep on the covers above my feet, and Mrs. LL quietly asleep as well. I tried to stay awake just to enjoy the picture. 
  • Tony Romo said that his bachelor party consisted of a no alcohol evening in a cabin in West Virginia with a bunch of guys playing Hide and Seek in the dark. He's kidding, right? (The no alcohol part seems believable  but the rest of it is down right weird.)
  • It's a little long, but if you want to read about a lawyer suing his ex-law firm this is really funny. Preview: Before he was fired, he sent an email to his bosses in the firm that said he had "a superior legal mind to most I have met." That'll get you points. 
  • Little Miss Sunshine is growing up.
  • Man, I should have made the Wise-County-Teachers-Get-Trained-On-Abuse-By-Watching-Shocking-Video a post all its own. (Tons of comments about it under yesterday's Random Thoughts.)