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Liberally Lean Forecast

1) We're dying here.
2) We would be killing the 100 degree streak record right now but for your prayers for rain last weekend. Thanks a lot.
3) Should we start getting on the bandwagon to break the 69 days of 100 degrees or better?
4) If there is a bus in the sky on Monday, my life is complete.


Remote Controller said...

This is Obama's fault

Anonymous said...

I think that I heard about us setting a record as to the number of days (nights) where the temperature didn't go below 80 degrees. A record of "high lows"? Oh well, maybe you can take solace in that! :-)

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Records aren't important. People's health, Crops, Livestock, house foundations,and all they impact are important.

I'll take a few days of relief. Even if it cost us a silly record.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Sears store in Grapevine Mills for a new dryer. Some are slightly dented, but, who really cares. Can get 20 - 40 % off list. Been buying my appliances there for the last 20 years with no regrets.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! RC

Anonymous said...

Who cares about this. We will be here and have to deal with it unless we die first.