Nutty Arizona Sheriff Has (If It Is Possible) Just Gone Nuttier

I've got a very short list of people that put me over the edge. Nancy Grace, Ann Curry, and Sean Hannity to name a few.

But one guy who causes my Loony Radar to go off on an almost daily basis is Arizona Sheriff  Buford T. Justice Joe Arpaio. He's a fraud at best. A racist at worst. But he is, without a doubt, a self-serving panderer.

His latest "look at me" ploy is his announcement that he's going to investigate whether the President is a U.S. Citizen  -- something that seems squarely outside the jurisdiction of some backwoods Arizona sheriff. The Tea Party would do itself a favor if it would distance itself from people like him.

And, as a side note, his Twitter feed is a joy. He's normally telling you that he's about to go out and "round up some illegal aliens", how he's proud  that he has a "tent city" jail in 111 degree temperature,  or where his "DWI chain gang" is going to be.  But I loved this one the other day:

Yep. When a 109 year old lady dies, somehow Sheriff Joe knows how to make it all about him. But, then again, that's all he does.

Edit: Listen to the big man talk this afternoon!!!