Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, now I'm no so bummed about the 100 degree record falling on Thursday when that fluke thunderstorm came through. Saturday would have killed it any way. 
  • I don't know if much will be made of it, but the government in San Francisco shutting down some cellphone towers to prevent the organization of protests should bother you greatly. Cue the "What is this? Communist Russia?" theme. 
  • ESPN had a lot of little league games on this weekend. I think the kids are getting cockier with each passing year. 
  • Michelle Bachman wins the Iowa Straw Poll, Sarah Palin shows up in Iowa just to sign autographs and say "Aw, shucks", and Rick Perry joins the race. I bet the President Obama haters couldn't turn off CSPAN this weekend.  
  • An age that surprised me: Michelle Bachman is 55. That's a hot 55.
  • An age that surprised me #2: Al Sharpton is 56. I would have thought he was in his 70s.
  • Did you know that a Third Grader is capable of telling a very long story and then, without missing a beat, tell the same very long story over again when her momma enters the room? 
  • Idiocracy: There's a kids' game named "Doggie Doo". (Thanks, Thomas.)
  • Still no results in the search for the owner of the Stray Dog. We've put up posters as well as a listing on Craig's List without luck.  Did I mention that he'd been neutered? 
  • And I gave him a bath this weekend. I think Mrs. LL is distancing from the doggie. 
  • Hey, I'm no PR expert, but if I'm a Dallas cop who gets arrested outside of a strip club, I don't think I'd have a strip club picture as my facebook profile pic
  • You always see a pretty big turnout whenever a firefighter is killed regardless of the cause of death. (i.e. the guy that fell out of the stands at the Rangers game.) It'll be interesting to see the response to the funeral of the Dallas firefighter this weekend who actually died while fighting a fire. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys defense from last Thursday night: A pic showing 14 men on the field.
  • Not much in the Update today but I still get to be bothered by the death of a 32 year old from Chico and a 43 year old from Bridgeport.
  • Edit: Motorcycle death.