New Rasmussen Poll: The New Golden Boy



Perry For POTUS said...

Go Perry!!!!!!

You're about to beat Obama's approval level!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Insurmountable expectations. It won't take long before the masses in the other 49 states grow weary of Perry's swagger.

Anonymous said...

watch out Obama

Anonymous said...

Check this out--


And this--


Remote Controller said...


Anonymous said...

He will be president! Too much money behind him. He will dance to the tune played for him by his handlers.

Anonymous said...

will be funny to watch obama make him look like a dumbass in a debate. harvard law graduate(harvard law review) vs. 2.2 gpa in animal science from atm. this is probably a good microcosm of the average intelligence of a liberal/democrat and conservative republican voter.

Crap Locator Mobile said...

2:47 Well GD America Buckaroo.

When a link references the word "compost" you can pretty much bet that article is full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Which Perry would you vote for?

William "The Refrigerator" Perry

Perry Como

Perry Mason

Steve Perry

Gaylord Perry

Katy Perry

Luke Perry

Matthew Perry

And my personal favorite....

Barry Perry

Anonymous said...

I'll take common sense capitalism
over super smart socialism every time.

Gig Em Rick

Anonymous said...

3:25, You're probably right if Obammy gets to bring his teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

1:35 - um, you're comparing apples to oranges there, bud.

This poll's respondents are LIKELY REPUBLICAN PRIMARY voters.

If we took the same poll among "likely Democratic Primary voters," the President's numbers would be much higher, since it's not even a question of another Democrat running against him.

Anonymous said...

I hate him for this: "And.. as Jesus healed the sick, Perry feels it is his righteous duty to 'lay hands' on every 6th Grade girl in Texas to begin undergoing a Gardasil vaccination series for the sexually-transmitted HPV virus... in fact, he issued an Executive Order in 2007 mandating just that... except it turned out to be a brother-in-law deal with his Merck lobbyist friends and former Chiefs of Staff."

And this: "He also enacted a mandatory-sonogram-for-abortions law in Texas.... even for victims of rape and incest. This procedure must be accomplished via a procedure called a "Transvaginal Probe", in which a large "device" is wrapped in a condom and inserted into the vagina... basically a second rape, and it costs the patient between $100 - $400 to boot.I'm sure the Lord is reserving a special place in Heaven for his assistance."

And I hate him for a whole lot more reasons, but I know you morons, er, supporters don't have that long of an attention span.

Anonymous said...

He's Gay

Anonymous said...

Perry is standing by the apron strings of Anita, who "urged" him to run for President.

So, just WHO will be the President, if he is elected?

That should set well with the religious right Republicans who want mama ten steps behind papa.

Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

What? He tried to slow down the abortion rate? OMG, he must be the anti-christ.

Anonymous said...

5:17 - sexual perverts support Perry?


Anonymous said...


Mama ten steps behind in the religious right? You're talking to the wrong ones. My spouse and I are side by side, as it should be. Sometimes he leads, sometimes, I do.
You're crazy, but if that's the worst you can say about the RR, that's not too bad, just funny LOL

Harvard law, vs. A&M? Give me an Aggie any day and I'm a Red Raider. At least he learned something practical. As his wife is a nurse, another practical profession, not a community organizer. I'm not sure even what that does.

Anonymous said...

1:35, Don't you mean the other 57 states?

Anonymous said...

If Perry is the best that the Republican party can offer, they're in deep dodo.

Anonymous said...

Go Perry!!!! you have got them scared now they are pulling out the hatefullness!!! They are scared lol!!!! And if he is a harvard grad!!! someone needs to be looking into that school just sayin!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama was the best the Dems could do and see where it got us. Perry can't do much worse. And I will support a good-ole-boy any day over a pretentious northern.

Big Ed