Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Random Girls(s) pic is from the opening of Bikini's sports bar in Arlington. More here.
  • One of my first trials as a prosecutor involved a Resisting Arrest case at Hooters. My first witness was the manager on duty who, when asked to describe the restaurant, took it upon herself to go into PR mode and describe it as"a family friendly environment." Good start.
  • Lake Bridgeport is 11 1/2 feet low and it looks like it is now on pace to begin losing a shocking two feet per week. 
  • I've heard that very few people have been on the lake this summer. Makes sense. Being in a boat on a lake in this heat seems like it would be absolutely no fun.
  • Our local Texas Ranger (the law enforcement one) played football for the University of Louisville during the team's glory years around 1990.
  • If you ever saw the documentaries on The West Memphis Three on HBO then (1) you loved those shows, and (2) you'll be interested to know those "boys" might be released today. 
  • We had a Wheel's Off Waiter at Texas Land and Cattle last night at a birthday celebration. That is, if you consider having your salad, appetizer, and main course all arrive within five minutes of each other as being Wheel's Off.
  • I'm not saying it is so, but the Paradise Murder case has the potential to be bizarre. And I think the cops now know the name of the deceased but I don't know if they've figured out where she is from.
  • Drove by the University of North Texas' new stadium yesterday. It looks really nice but it's also like a 5A high school stadium on steroids. 
  • Honor in odd places? So far in Wise County, if a prosecutor makes a promise or a representation, you can take it to the bank. It may be one of the last places in the state where you can say that.  Sadly, there will come a day when that is no longer true.
  • The Third Grader in the House told me the other day that she "had been in the longest line in the history of lines." Attagirl
  • I had no desire to watch Most Eligible: Dallas on the Bravo channel, but I'm going to after hearing about how pompous the guys on the show are.
  • Shouldn't we be a little bit nervous that Israel, in retaliation for the death of eight within its borders, has sent jets to bomb the Gaza Strip? That's not exactly the kind of tension you want to get out of hand. 
  • In other international news, the Georgetown Hoyas went to war yesterday with Red China during a basketball game. Video. Oh, my.
  • We're getting a new clothes dryer today. That appliance better be prepared for me to stand over it with a stop watch because I want to see some fast drying, and I want to see it today