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Stay with me here.

I'm still in the criminal law seminar but there's currently a speaker that doesn't need to be speaking. So instead of listening, I pulled up the transcript of the Not Guilty verdict in Denton County in 1993 [oops: 2003] that a lawyer talked about yesterday.

The facts are weird: A clerk allegedly walked over and fondled a 16 year old girl in a convenience store in Flower Mound. Specifically, he went over and asked if he could give her a hug, did so, and then allegedly touched her breast and crotch area over the clothes. She leaves and goes to the cop. The clerk, of Indian descent, admitted to hugging her because she reminded him of his niece who he "loves very much" but denied the otherwise inappropriate touching.

So the alleged victim is called as a witness. Smart girl. Stellar student. She had even gone to Washington D.C. as part of a high school field trip  where she got to meet Kenneth Starr and Colin Powell and even got to ask Powell a question as part of a meeting.  In the "get to meet the witness" part of the questioning, the prosecutor asked her about meeting Powell and the above exchange took place.  After the throw-away-question-to-make-her-comfortable-question of "What did you think of his answer?" she takes a shot at Israel. (What the heck, girl? You're now just 17 and testifying as the complaining witness in a criminal trial and you decide to volunteer a hot political opinion?)

And, me being a skeptic, I thought "Sheesh, she sure would piss off any Jew. Woah. I wonder if there were any Jews on the jury?" So I scanned back up within the transcript to where the jurors names were announced and the only one that jumped out was a guy with the last name of "Sauls."

I know "Saul" is a Jewish name but what about the last name of "Sauls"?


House of York said...

Not sure about "Saul" being a Jewish name but, I know for fact it is a Spanish name.

House of York said...

The origin of the "Sauls" last name as referenced on

Great Britain

Anonymous said...

that case sounds so familiar ... what's the cite?

Unfatcat said...

There was and probably still is a Sammy Sauls in the Radio/TV/Film department of UNT. When I went there he was head of KNTU which is the radio station there on campus and he also taught a class in Radio Production and later Broadcast Law if I remember correctly.
don't know if he is Jewish though.

Anonymous said...

They had a homeland security conference in 1993?

Anonymous said...

@12:55 PM

Read it slower. He said, "in Denton County in 1993 a convenience store in Flower Mound."

Anonymous said...

Slow down was 2003, 1993 was an "oops".

Anonymous said...

I have lots of thoughts about this, but honestly right now, all I can think to post is "derp"

Anonymous said...

2:49...It was not an oops before I posted at 1:53!

Anonymous said...

Barry, did we just see you have two Bubba moments in the same post?

1. I bet some Jew boy let that pedophile feel up that sweet little white girl because she hurt his feelings about Israel.

2. Everybody with any sense knows you need to watch your little pricesses around those Middle Eastern convenience store clerks.

Apparently watching Fox has been having some effect on you.

Anonymous said...

What's that old lawyer adage? Never ask a question of your own witness for which you don't already know exactly what the answer will be. Prosecutor should not have wandered in his questioning. Sloppy.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Barry made a mistake?? Oh my!!

BeenThereDoneThat said...

So what was the verdict? Was he found guilty?

I would think he's toast since I haven't read anything that would make me believe that she was making something up. He admitted to soliciting a random girl for a hug? Then again, she agreed to hug some random older guy in a convenience store....

Anonymous said...

Should we even consider someone even being designated a felon and going to prison over a hug?

The same Republicans (Like the former Denton Republican DA who prosecuted this case) who want government out of our pocket books want to regulate every inch of our personal lives.