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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Sheesh, my prediction was spot on: The "Good Without God" ad controversy on Tarrant County buses was all over the news last night.
  • Heather Hays who was interviewing the group's leader last night asked him why released the ad campaign during Christmas when "everyone is talking about Christ." Really? Everyone is talking about Christ? 
  • We put up the Christmas Tree last night. I'll admit it: There was a period of about five years straight where I kept it in the box. Man, I'd forgotten how big and beautiful it is.
  • The cat is looking at it like it's his own personal amusement park. 
  • "Spiderman" is a new, most expensive play ever to open on Broadway, and apparently there was an epic technical meltdown when it opened on Saturday. I've never seen a play on Broadway -- bucketlist add.
  • How does Texas Monthly have so many ads when print is supposed to by dying? It's incredible.
  • You know, I'm kind of worried about, of all people, the Boise State kicker. In case you missed it, he missed a chip shot field goal with one second left and then another one in overtime to drop the #3 team out of contention last Saturday night. You know, that kid will never, ever forget that. And he'll always be remembered by anyone that knows him as the "guy that missed the kicks to cost us a shot at a National Championship." That risk to reward ratio of being a kicker may be all out of whack. (But a Facebook page of encouragement, now with 35,000 "likes", has been created to support him.)
  • Heard a name this morning I hadn't heard in forever: Dr. Gene Scott. I never understood what I was watching when he was on. 
  • Isn't this Wikileaks thing a big bag of nothing? Of all the "cables" released, has anything been shocking or threatening to our national interest?
  • A Tarrant County lawyer won't be charged with trying to bring a gun into the Tarrant County Courthouse. A while back a Wise County lawyer was charged for the same thing but was acquitted at trial. 
  • Matt Lauer getting tickled yesterday on the Today Show about the "size of the package" is funny because it developed kind of slowly. 
  • A&M will play in the Cotton Bowl that I'll never get used to being played in a stadium (Jerryworld) that is not the Cotton Bowl, on a day (7th) that is not January 1st, and at night (7:00 p.m.)  instead of daytime. I miss the good ol' days. 
  • A "prominent" Tarrant County televangelist gets involved in a sex scandal and then becomes the victim of extortion. I had never heard of the Rev. Marcus Lamb. But I'll give him credit in that his counselor referred to the plot as "an attack by the Devil" while Lamb said the only person to blame is himself. 


Anonymous said...

I agree about the Cotton Bowl. My in-laws, who are Alabama grads, were talking about getting tickets if Alabama went. I was shocked when I actually saw the date and time of the game.

Guess Jerry found some way that he could get an extra dollar from the game. He certainly doesn't care about tradition.

It is sad, though, to see what the game has become. It used to be one of the major games and now ranks right there with the Humanitarian Bowl, International Bowl and others.

Anonymous said...

That chick in the above pic with the glasses looks like a 10.

Great pic!

Anonymous said...

Barry, I should'nt have to inform you of this since you were raised in a Christian home, but Christmas is ALL about Christ and not Christmas trees, gifts, Santa
Claus, or any other entity.

Anonymous said...

Dr Gene Scott cried alot for a man. Maybe he needed to trot on down to "Mamby Pamby land and get him some self Confidence You JACKWAGON!!!!" God bless R. Lee Ermy,he should run for president!!

Anonymous said...

The Aggie's are allocated 12,500 non student tickets and they are priced at either $200 or $125 each. Ouch.

Game used to be at 11 am around New Years day amongst lots of other bowl games. Now it is by itself at 7 p.m. Most of the 35 bowl games lack any relevance other than the national championship unless it has a rising team (e.g. Aggies). How would you like to have to play the Big East champ with 4 losses after you win the Big 12?

Other than the cost to park, eat and drink, my only problem is there are not as many liquor stores near JerryWorld?

Football guru

Anonymous said...

If you are talking about CHRISTmas you are in turn speaking of Christ. If not for Christ, there wouldn't be a holiday. Or perhaps the holiday would be called giftmas!

Anonymous said...

The televangelist (or any public figure) owning up to his failure, especially a sexual indiscretion, is rather rare and refreshing these days. The "an attack by the Devil" defense is just PR spin. Isn't any sin, however trivial, an attack by the devil? In this case, Lucifer jabbed his fiery pitchfork at the guy's danglers
Great move on his part for confessing now instead of giving in to extortion. That never goes well. It's always made public and looks worse afterward

The good old days of bowl games being played over a long new year's weekend are history. There were only about a half dozen back then, and only the best teams in the land played in them. Now...any team with a .500 record is pretty much guaranteed a shot at the ShamWow!/Justin Bieber Bowl sponsored by Twitter

Saw a story yesterday where the Boise State kicker also was getting threatening messages. Since when were the folks up there in the state of Boise so rabid about their football? I guess it's all they got...that, and taters.

Potatoes are like shrimp, 'cept they're on land. They got eyes, and you can peel and eat 'em.
You got potato salad, potatoes au gratin, potato soup, boiled potato, baked potato, mashed potato...

Triple Fake Bubba

Anonymous said...

8:48 yeah...10 years of Hard Time.

The Devil said...

TF Bubba....For the record I never jab at a guy's danglers!

I been on a real big boat but I never been on a potato boat!

Anonymous said...

Maybe to a Christian 9:16 but, there are other people in this world that believe otherwise. Do some research and you'll find out how Christmas began in a non-Christian way.

Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

Too funny about the package size blooper. Yeah, I was just talking to my hubby about his shrinking package size. He did not think it very funny. I think it's great! Bye bye birdie

Anonymous said...

Heard the ags might play LSU or Alabama.

Can you say "Royal $ss Whippin"?
This should get their mind off beating the lowly horns once every 15-20 years.


Df d. Royal

Anonymous said...

Another man of the cloth involved in a sex scandal. All bad things are attacks of the devil. We have to be strong and resist temptations.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if Christians believe Christmas is ALL about Christ and not Christmas trees, gifts, Santa Claus, or any other entity why do they have Christmas trees, gifts, commercial Christmas decor, etc. in their homes/churches, etc.

Isn't that considered a hypocrite? Or, is there some kind of “PASS” given to Christians during the holiday season?

Anonymous said...

House of York: I agree with you. Christmas is all about gifts, Santa, tress, family and fun. The Christians once again claim it's all about them but that's not the case. They're too busy drinking the Kool-aid to do any research and learn the origins of the holiday.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks deal, revealed military secrets, damages diplomatic relations, creates need for our ineffective goverment for checking what may have been leaked and the costs associated. Not to mention the chance some information is fraudulent, coming from anonymous sources and then the trouble of clearing that up.

"Big bag of nothing"? Thought you
were smarter than that.

DF Tricky Dicky

Anonymous said...

If Christmas really is "all about Christ", then it should be observed as a religious holiday (like Easter) and not commercialized.

Instead, we should make Thanksgiving all about being thankful for what we have, and giving some of it away.

This would result in stores being decorated right after the 4th of July, and getting it over with much earlier.

On the down side, retailers would than have another six months to meer their sales goals, and we wouldn't have all the great bargains at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Matt Lauer "package" clip. That was really funny!

Anonymous said...

Loved the home movies that Gene Scott used to show of his vacations. Man, my kind of preacher. And the top heavy blondes riding bicycles. Thank you Lord.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Someone carrying a gun into a courthouse - can you blame them?

Those places are just chock full of lawyers...

Candance said...

If Marcus Lamb prays on the t.v., I bet my mother knows who he is. And odds are, has give the man enough to money to put his children through college. She loves her some t.v. preachers.