The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Sheesh, my prediction was spot on: The "Good Without God" ad controversy on Tarrant County buses was all over the news last night.
  • Heather Hays who was interviewing the group's leader last night asked him why released the ad campaign during Christmas when "everyone is talking about Christ." Really? Everyone is talking about Christ? 
  • We put up the Christmas Tree last night. I'll admit it: There was a period of about five years straight where I kept it in the box. Man, I'd forgotten how big and beautiful it is.
  • The cat is looking at it like it's his own personal amusement park. 
  • "Spiderman" is a new, most expensive play ever to open on Broadway, and apparently there was an epic technical meltdown when it opened on Saturday. I've never seen a play on Broadway -- bucketlist add.
  • How does Texas Monthly have so many ads when print is supposed to by dying? It's incredible.
  • You know, I'm kind of worried about, of all people, the Boise State kicker. In case you missed it, he missed a chip shot field goal with one second left and then another one in overtime to drop the #3 team out of contention last Saturday night. You know, that kid will never, ever forget that. And he'll always be remembered by anyone that knows him as the "guy that missed the kicks to cost us a shot at a National Championship." That risk to reward ratio of being a kicker may be all out of whack. (But a Facebook page of encouragement, now with 35,000 "likes", has been created to support him.)
  • Heard a name this morning I hadn't heard in forever: Dr. Gene Scott. I never understood what I was watching when he was on. 
  • Isn't this Wikileaks thing a big bag of nothing? Of all the "cables" released, has anything been shocking or threatening to our national interest?
  • A Tarrant County lawyer won't be charged with trying to bring a gun into the Tarrant County Courthouse. A while back a Wise County lawyer was charged for the same thing but was acquitted at trial. 
  • Matt Lauer getting tickled yesterday on the Today Show about the "size of the package" is funny because it developed kind of slowly. 
  • A&M will play in the Cotton Bowl that I'll never get used to being played in a stadium (Jerryworld) that is not the Cotton Bowl, on a day (7th) that is not January 1st, and at night (7:00 p.m.)  instead of daytime. I miss the good ol' days. 
  • A "prominent" Tarrant County televangelist gets involved in a sex scandal and then becomes the victim of extortion. I had never heard of the Rev. Marcus Lamb. But I'll give him credit in that his counselor referred to the plot as "an attack by the Devil" while Lamb said the only person to blame is himself.