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Wait For It

I don't know why this guy decided to film the snake removal like its The Blair Witch Project, but I'm telling you something happens within the first minute that made me jump more than the end of Paranormal Activity.


Anonymous said...

...and then he wraps them up in Christmas wrapping to give to his most.......


anyone want to finish that?

Anonymous said...

eeeekkkkk! I hate snakes more than people. Thanks for the bedtime story Barry.

Anonymous said...

Snakes - they're like vipers, I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Find out if your home ever had a meth lab in it?

Happy Hunting!

Anonymous said...

"So buy, buy, good Americans, buy - all that merchandise at WalMarts puts a gleam in your eyes.

And if you get trampled, don't just lay there and die - cause shopping is the way to get high, spending is the way to get high."

- with sincere apologies to Don McLean

Actually, another Don [Henley], aptly describes the mentality shown in the video, à la Workin' It (excerpted):

Ah, it's open season here my friend
It always is; it always has been
Welcome, welcome to the U.S.A.
We're partying fools in the autumn of our heyday
And though we're running out of everything
We can't afford to quit
Before this binge is over
We've got to squeeze off one more hit
We're workin' it...

Anonymous said...

oh my Lord i Flinched like a Mo-Fo !!!

Anonymous said...

BG - I know you have been waiting for this all day... So please tell us. "What law firm do those guys represent and did they send you an invitation to the convention??".

Just kidding.