Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you see the Fox 4 story of the guy who claims and ear injury due to an "exploding cell phone". The phone now has a cracked screen with blood on it.  Let me be more than skeptical on this one: That man is lying. 
  • They are still doing stories on the Atheist Ad Campaign. Stop it. Stop it now. 
  • I got in the Christmas spirit yesterday: I paid someone to put lights on my house. 
  • The Family Cat demonstrated she actually climb to the very top of the Christmas tree. Greeeaaaaat.
  • The new TV is fantastic but something didn't seem quite right. Everything got better once I found out that I didn't have it in "vivid mode."  Vivid mode? Really? That can't just be the default? 
  • Watched a Seinfeld episode last night and then hit the "Info" button just for grins. Uh, it originally aired in 1990. Twenty years ago? Call Hawkins Funeral Home. I'm done.
  • When I was a kid, I'd watch reruns of The Dick Van Dyke show on Channel 11. (Still a fantastically funny show.) At the time, I assumed they had been created close to the birth-of-man. I guess the kids in my house right now could say the same thing about Jerry/George/Elaine/Kramer.
  • The Texas Rangers made Chuck Norris an honorary member yesterday complete with a ceremony that included Gov. Rick Perry. Idiocracy
  • Two guys from the metroplex that created "Words With Friends" (which I've never played but have friends that beat me down with talk of it), sold the app yesterday to the creator of Farmville (kill me). No price has been disclosed, but I'm guessing they are shopping for miniature giraffes this morning. 
  • Uh, oh: Chase Bank orders a branch in Southlake to take down a Christmas tree in the lobby because it might offend people. Where's national Fox News when you need 'em? They live for this stuff. 
  • Funny line about Qatar beating the U.S. to host the 2022 World Cup: Let's just declare they possess weapons of mass destruction and take care of them. 
  • I would be incredibly excited about the discovery of the new life form by NASA if I had a doctorate in microbiology. 
  • Woodhaven Bank in Rhome doesn't have a security cam image it can release about the robbery yesterday? We're left with a description of, according to the Update, two guys with masks and of "average height"? Good luck with all of that.