Can't Wait To Watch This

When I was a Senior or Junior, a group of us from Bridgeport went down to TCU during summer to check out the statewide cheerleading camp. (We were in search of "Hey, nows" even way back when.) Once we got to campus, we discovered that a Texas high school all-star football game was also being played that week. Walking around the campus, we saw this black guy strutting around with "Dickerson" on the back of his shirt. Yep, Eric Dickerson who was there to play in the game. (And who is featured predominately in the video clip above.)

Sports Illustrated had already written that Dickerson was the most prized recruit in the State if not the country: "He has National Championship written of the front of his jersey and Heisman on the back." (paraphrased, maybe).  So my buddies and I, either the same age as Dickerson or one year younger, scrambled for a piece of paper, tracked Dickerson down, and got him to sign his autograph five times. "Five????!!!!" I remember him saying.

I also remember one of us asking him if he had been offered a car from A&M, and he just laughed it off. I asked him if he ever considered Baylor and he said, "They never even contacted me."

I wonder what SMU gave him.

Edit: Airing Saturday the 11th at 8:00 pm on ESPN.

Edit: Might have been a joke, but one commenter thought Dickerson "didn't last long in the pros." Uh, if 11 years and induction into the Hall of Fame equates to that, then you're right. Wiki.