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My Nemesis Is Back!

Just checked the signed-up-for sheet for the White Rock Half Marathon and saw that my ol' secret nemesis Barron is running!

He's a mysterious guy that sometimes screws up my results. And with 20,000 people signed up, we both checked is within 150 people of each other? Government spy none to pleased with Liberally Lean? Ghost? Long lost brother that was sent away to Wichita Falls who my real brother swore existed when I was a kid?

I've got my eye on him. (If I knew what he looked like.)


Anonymous said...


The Devil said...

Inmate #10068?

Anonymous said...

Barry -

It is a small world but I swear to you that I know Barron Green very well. Originally from Texarkana he is a graduate of North Texas and was in my same start class at Arthur Andersen in 1988. He is a great guy -- I am confident I could get a pic of him if you want to force a showdown at the running of the rock. He has no idea of his Wise County Fame.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the issue.

My Other Brother Barron

Anonymous said...

I heard that White Rock Half Marathon was just a cover for a peter puffing contest.

mzchief said...

I found Barron Green on FaceBook. It appears Barron shares your love for cats as well as jogging. He also has a goatee.

You're Welcome!

AnObiter said...

Mzchief won the peter puffing last year.

Mzchief said...

AnObiter's husband said it was the best he ever had.