Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Just weeks after a child fell to his death at a basketball game, Chicago Bears fan died yesterday after falling or jumping  from Soldier Field. 
  • I had to replace the living room TV since it's near death -- the new one was delivered on Saturday which didn't help much because I forgot to order installation. Could I do it myself? The service includes wall mounting and hauling off the old one (which, as an early adopter, weighs a ton.)
  • The Dallas White Rock Half Marathon is this Saturday. [Edit: Ooops. Sunday.] That snuck up on me since I don't remember it coming so quickly after Thanksgiving. But like a kid in a pee wee league, I get a chance to earn another medal just for finishing.
  • I think the Family Dog has finally warmed up to me. Instead of following the ladies around everywhere, she'll plop up in my lap for extended periods. Almost makes me want to break out a sweater and a pipe.
  • A 40 car crash in Arlington this morning? 40?
  • I went and watched a high school football game at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday -- I can't tell you what a fantastic place it is to watch a game. I've been there twice and the big screen just seems to keep getting bigger. (I bet Jerry paid for installation, too.)
  • Big 12 Commissioner skipped going to the Nebraska game on Saturday because he feared for safety. Since when is the midwest violent? It's supposed to be a bunch of corn-fed good ol' boys. 
  • TCU has moved up third in the BCS but a heck of an argument can be made that a loss by #1 Auburn or #2 Oregon this week shouldn't drop either of those two teams from the top ranks. I think that's especially true for Auburn who has beaten LSU, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arkansas. TCU can point at nothing on its schedule that constitutes a "quality win." 
  • Edit: Just saw that TCU will announce at 1:00 p.m. that they will join the Big East.
  • "The Power of Now" -- a book that Arkansas' coach told his quarterback to read.  I learned about that on ESPN's Gameday and I immediately purchased it. That's something I never do for a book I'd never be interested in. It just seemed like the thing to do. 
  • The FBI is providing fake bombs to teenagers again and then proclaiming it's a major win for the War on Terror when they coax him into trying to detonate it. 
  • A Buffalo Bill wide receiver drops a game winning pass yesterday and then calls out God in a tweet. Makes sense.