Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • President Obama's first nominated Texas federal judge to gain approval is a female Hispanic. I'm so sad it's not a  white-tough-on-crime-Republican-male.
  • Finally got the new TV hung on the wall in the living room and then struggled for 30 minutes searching online about how to connect my satellite provider's remote to it. Finally found a message board that suggested "You might want to hit 'help' on the TV's menu." Yep, that did it. 
  • How many ways can a kid ask, "Who put that ornament in the tree?" this morning. I think we're at fifty. 
  • Sir Richard Branson was in studio at Fox 4 this morning promoting Virgin Air. That guy is cool. 
  • There has been no local news over the last two days.(By the way, please no more bus stories about the "Good Without God" ad campaign.)
  • My new "Power of Now" book is really interesting. Example: You may suffer from anxiety but at the  very same time realize you are having an anxiety attack. There is, after all, really "two yous": One overcome with emotions and the "observer" who realizes it but can't stop it. The book is basically about the "observer" taking control. 
  • I'm at a seminar. I hate seminars. 
  • College football note [Links fixed]: Former Tech coach Mike Leach may never get a big time NCAA job again. His openly campaigning yesterday for the Miami position borders on sad (and was only out-shadowed by Donald Trump, uh, trumping for him.) But if I'm an athletic director, I perceive him as a guy who was such a headache at his last job that it got him fired despite a tremendous record. And once fired, sued everyone in site. That may be all wrong, but I'd take my chances elsewhere. 
  • A compilation of all the "fail" videos for November, 2010. It's 7 minutes of America's Funniest Videos on Idiocracy acid. And I watched the whole thing. 
  • Always look for law enforcement to dress up (I see it Wise County, too) whenever there's a chance they can have their picture taken with a prisoner.
  • 4th Amendment TSA underwear. Get me that for Christmas.  (Thanks, Christie.)