How Criminal Defense Legal Seminars Have Changed Over The Years

  • The law has become so lopsided towards the State, there's a unique sense of "us against them."
  • Technology makes everything so simple. Denton lawyer Rick Hagen just made reference to a "Brazelton" case "that's great" on the issue of character evidence, but he didn't have the legal citation as to where it could be found. But with Wifi and Google Legal Search, I had it within seconds on a laptop in front of me. 
  • I chose to have the seminar materials on CD instead of receiving them in notebook form.  Rick's presentation included a complete trial transcript of a trial he won a few years back. I'm able to drag the pdf file to Google Docs and into a newly named folder of "Sex Assault Seminar 2010" and it's there forever and assessible from anywhere.
  • I'm amazed at the number of people in this room that I don't know. 
  • The guy beside me is typing on an iPad.
  • Oddly, those with laptops in this room probably number at less than 10%. I find that amazing.
  • No, this seminar is not about getting sex offenders acquitted every time, it's about making the State prove its case, following the law, and looking for reasonable doubt. Think all those Dallas County DNA exonerees would have wanted their lawyer to attend one of these seminars back in the day?
  • "You can't have one ounce of phoniness when you try one of these cases. You have to be you." - Just heard and couldn't agree more.