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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Pulp Fiction fans: Tarantino stole something. (Hey, that's Wordkyle's blog!)
  • Baylor's Robert Griffin is officially on the Heisman ballot.Yes, I know I'm the only one who cares about that but I wanted to put "Baylor" and "Heisman" in the same sentence. 
  • We lost the Family Kitty for a moment last night which caused a mini-dragnet recovery project to be formed outside. Unfortunately, we found her. (That thing is driving me crazy because of that "suckling issue" I mentioned a couple of weeks back. Get off me!!!) 
  • is selling a how-to guide on pedophilia. Wait. What? Edit: It was pulled overnight.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow sang at the CMA Awards (redundant, I know) last night and received a standing ovation? (And did Brooks and Dunn win Duo of the Year for the sixtieth consecutive time or are they dead?)
  • I always remember high school football games being freezing when I was a kid. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
  • Wrong way driver on I-30 in Mesquite this morning led to a horrendous head on crash. The freeway was shutdown causing traffic chaos (and that looks like one beat down of a drive when everything is perfect.) They were also having trouble prying the vehicles apart. 
  • Mrs. LL is still in pain with her wrists. If I had to bet, I'd bet she's having surgery. Did I mention she can't even drive? 
  • Also watched a mental commitment hearing yesterday in the Wise County Court at Law.  There may be nothing sadder than to listen to an allegedly mentally disturbed individual ramble on and on at one of those things. 
  • Russian kids walk on beam 900 foot above the ground. (This even made NBC Nightly News last night.)
  • The "missle controversy" again: The Pentagon now says it was a plane. Hey, we track every plane for every second. So tell us the airline and the flight number. 
  • It would be moving to watch people visit the Vietnam Memorial and the relatively new World War II Memorial in D.C. this morning. (And the one time I visited, I was surprised to find a rarely talked about Korean War Memorial which is really fascinating. Pics.)


Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice the date on the update!!

Anonymous said...

That was a submarine missile launch. The size, shape, color, and intensity of the plume has never been made by any kind of airplane engine.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think the freezing at a football game is gonna come into play tomorrow night. Wind, rain and a cold front in the forecast

If the Pentagon says it was a plane, then it was probably a military plane, ya think? Plausible, but why did it take so long to come up with that story?

The Tarantino bit is no surprise. It's widely known that he is heavily influenced by other filmmakers, and "borrows" from their movies. It's called homage

Amazon/pedophilia story -
Line from Conan last night: "Customers who bought this also liked..."

re: prying vehicles apart.
Do the emergency personnel have a separate piece of equipment called the Jaws of Death for when the crash victims know?

Anonymous said...

ok im needing someone to explain something from earlier in the week for me. orbiter-miscreep incident. all i can gather is that miscreep said something was her and was proven to be a liar. then something about her "harvard" degree or something else. i need a quick breakdown so i can file it in my funny column in my brain. i dont mind if you miscreep explains it because im smart enough to weed through your story and find the real one. and please miscreep no fake posts from unknown authors defending yourself. we all know its you so give it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit tired of the government thinking we are all idiots.

Anonymous said...

The first time we saw the Korean War Memorial was on a Sunday before Memorial Day Monday. It was damp, foggy, and lightly misting , wetting the figures and darkening the patina of the statues. One almost expected the figure looking back as you walk upon them to speak. Very erie.

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles are horrible but they do drive slow in school zones.

Anonymous said...

"So tell us the airline and the flight number" -- You expect OUR administration who is running our Pentagon to tell the TRUTH? sheesh

Anonymous said...

"I'm a bit tired of the government thinking we are all idiots."

Me too, but why do we seem to keep proving it to them! People always want to blame government for all their problems or look to them for all the answers when usually the problem/answer in right in your own backyard!

wordkyle said...

First, 1032's comment is one of the wrongest and funniest jokes ever in the LL comments.

The reason for my Tarantino post was I didn't know about the Ezekiel 25:17 ripoff until recently.

Tell Mrs. LL one of the best things she can do is wear wrist braces at night while she's sleeping. May not cure the problem, but provides some relief from pain during the day.

Does the Pentagon's response to the missile/rocket/aircraft sightings remind anyone else of Monty Python's Argument Clinic?

Everyone else: "We saw a missile."
Pentagon: "No you didn't."

Anonymous said...

I remember from one of your post Mrs LL doesn't like pain meds buy a 16 oz bottle of green alcohol and put 12 aspirins in it shake it and spray it on her wrists it is faster and better than any pain pill

Anonymous said...

9:53, Here is a link

to film shot at Heartbreak Ridge in the Korean War. It was used as a trailer for Clint Eastwood's movie about the battle. The music and carrying out the wounded is touching. I have a family member who shows up in this clip of film. We see him walking down the road/path coming down off the mountain. This was a total surprise for him to look back and see himself in film.

Near the end of this clip, at 2:46 they are loading an ambulance. Note the blond headed nurse on the stretcher being loaded. She does like her cigarettes. Many adults smoked back then. But in an ambulance!

Happy Veterans Day

Anonymous said...

I had car pool tunnel issues earlier in the year. Got tired of all the Dr visits, pokes, and prods to tell me I have pinched nerve issues. DUH. Anyway, I made some changes on my own and 99% of it went away. Got gel mouse pad raised wrist thing, got another gel pad wrist rest for my left arm that is as long as a keyboard, but I only use about 4" (no perverted replies please). And where my elbow rests on my office chair, I replaced the chair so that there is more cushion for my arse and a soft cushion pad on the arm rest. I gained weight, which I believe was a factor too, and started jogging again. Took the wallet out of my arse pocket (which I doubt she keeps one back there) and that helps too.

The Dr's would have loved to keep 'guessing' and making money while doing so.

Made sure I didnt sit all 8 hours. I get up often and walk around.

Most my symptoms were gone in about 2 months.

Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

I go to a massage therapist with many years of experience and she works on this frequently. Some people with this condition often get relief through massage and it involves nerves in the neck rather than just the wrist.

Anonymous said...

BG, any news about Silli-Alley?? IS she having her baby today??

RPM said...

It was America West flight 808 Honolulu to Phoenix.

Looks like I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue.

Anonymous said...

It was SWA flight 50 DFW to LHR.

House of York said...

1:30 She had it at 12:51.

Anonymous said...

Get Mrs LL a rife machine.

milo said...

All three memorials would be good places to be. Most touching memory of Vietnam Wall -- just after Memorial Day. Lots of red, white and blue -- then, a pair of old stained combat boots, one holding a withered bouquet, the other a fresh bouquet - all laced together with blue satin ribbon that matched both bouquets. A letter told a long-lost dad she wished he'd been there for her wedding day.
Thanks to all who served.