Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • George W's publicity tour has perfect timing with the local sports news. He's like Wade Phillips -- a good guy who had no business being in a leadership position.
  • And on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday, he said he had "just signed" 2,400 books (he had been at a bookstore in Dallas for his first official book signing,)  I looked at the clock and it was shortly after noon. I'd believe there were WMD's before I'd believe that. 
  • Mrs. LL's company's human resource department finally told her to go home and rest her wrists for three days. She's going to see the ortho on Friday.  Ugh. 
  • A person in my office calls her "Trinabelle." Kind of like that.
  • Overheard in the courthouse yesterday: "I was in Walmart and somehow they accused me of trying to steal a tire." 
  • I'm not sure what happened, but based upon the shrieks coming from my living room, Glee might have jumped the shark this week. (Two guys kissing?)
  • College football fans: Man, there is a dog pile to try and derail Auburn's Cam Newton. (It involves allegations of his father shopping him to schools for big bucks.)  That's big news for TCU which is one Auburn team away from a National Championship game birth.
  • Some are saying the mysterious "missile launch" a couple of days ago off the coast of California is just an optical illusion of an airliner's jet stream. But, then again, no one can tell us the exact plane it was -- something which should be easy to do.
  • Abilene Wylie beat the Decatur girls in volleyball last night. It is bizarre how many times Wylie has brought an end to Decatur post-season hopes regardless of the sport. 
  • I was going to dog Justin Northwest for making the football playoffs with a 4-6 records then I saw that two other teams made it with a 2-8 record (Tyler Lee, Lubbock Monterey.) Let's give everybody a trophy!!!
  • On Monday a guy jumped from the High Five, and yesterday a guy hung himself from the Houston Street Viaduct. 
  • GM posted a $3 billion third quarter profit. Maybe that government bailout thing wasn't such a bad idea after all. 
  • The Cowboys could send a strong message by cutting Tight End Martellus Bennett. From the first time you saw him on Hard Knocks refusing to listen to a coach, you knew he had the kind of attitude that winners don't have. 
  • What's a Kei$ha?
  • You think News Corp (Fox News parent) regrets paying $600 million for MySpace?  And if you're Facebook, don't you sell the dang thing right now?  Nothing can become yesterday's news faster than a web site.