My College Football Thoughts

  • Baylor returned to being Baylor as Oklahoma State killed them. That was depressing, and it wasn't even noon on Saturday before I went into a fetal position.
  • That being said, Texas is worse as they were annihilated by a bad Kansas State team. It's so bizarre in Austin that I almost feel bad for them. Almost.
  • And the Aggies beat Oklahoma? If Baylor had won, it would have been delicious for next week when the Aggies come to Waco. Instead it might just be a beat down. But I've always like the Ags.
  • TCU?  You are closer to being in the National Championship game than last year. I predict Auburn will be beaten by Alabama in the "Iron Bowl" (whatever that means) and you'll finally get your shot. How that's possible borders on the surreal.
  • Did you see Iowa State go for two and the big win against Nebraska? If the place holder didn't throw like a second grade girl - scratch that - a second grade girl with no athletic ability, they would have won. 
  • LSU is ridiculously lucky/crazy/good.
  • I've always thought the Sagarin Rankings were the most accurate.