The Campaign For DA




Anonymous said...

So now he has become "Multi-delusional"

First he thought he was an NFL GM now he thinks he is a ladies man. Babes just love the blond toupee.

What an idiot.

By the way Cowboy fans here is some sage advise:

Anonymous said...

Someone should remind Jerry that Texas is a community property state. Hmmmmm. Ms. Gene Jones, Cowboys General Manager, has a fresh ring to it.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Stay Hard Jerry!!! If I had to put up w/ coach cupcake and now Red Ball I would be doing Coke off a Strippers Ass..

Anonymous said...

Hey, let him roll dice in Vegas - at least he won't be interfering with the Cowboys as they try to put the season back together. I hope he stays out there and away from the team.

Anonymous said...

He must have flown out to collect his bet on the GB game.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Jones is a bully. Go read the letter from a GT third grade class about him, written to Dale Hanson. This class is at Young Elementary.

The letter is right on!!