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Odd Moment In County Court At Law A Second Ago

Some guy is charged with, I think, "Terroristic Threat"* which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. It basically means threatening someone with imminent bodily injury which pretty much happens every day in this county. Most of those cases are worthless and the charge really isn't filed very often.

But for some reason a guy is charged in Wise County with making a threat over a the ownership of a piano. Also, from the sounds of it, it looks like he's on a felony probation for DWI and he couldn't take a plea bargain because it could get him revoked (for violating the term on "commit no offense against the State of Texas.")  Or it may be because he thinks he's not guilty. Or it may be because he's just stubborn.

But it didn't help his case when a light hearted moment ocurred between the prosecutor and the defendant's wife when she was testifying. Something caused the prosecutor to laugh a little bit which prompted the Defendant to snap in open court, "It's not funny!! Don't laugh at her!!"


Advice: If you on trial for basically being a hothead, it might be a good idea not to act like a hothead.
Edit: It was a Class C (the lowest level) offense of "Assault by Threat". It was appealed from a JP court or municipal court where the case has to start all over again.


Anonymous said...

I know who that is!!!!


Anonymous said...

If it was a light hearted moment BETWEEN the prosecutor and the defendant's wife then I agree with you. However, with most lawyers I have ever seen or heard it was more likely a well orchestrated exchange which was sarcastically demeaning to the defendant's wife to recieve the very response they got from the defendant. Since you lawyers play with people's lives on a daily basis you are complete heartless in your psychological treatment of people. To you it's a game, to us it is our lives. Please consider this fact counselor.

Anonymous said...

And once again Desi just cannot handle Lucy getting all the laughs.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they weren't arguing over his organ.

Anonymous said...

3:49 PM--It WAS a lighthearted moment because both the prosecutor and the defendant's wife were good-naturedly laughing about it. Barry happens to be a good attorney who is EXTREMELY in-tune with ALL the nuances of communication (something required if you're going to be a effective trial attorney). He was there and he read it just right. Get off your high horse about "most lawyers". You weren't there and you know nothing.

From someone else who was there

P.S.: Even the Defendant's attorney agrees that the prosecutor was NOT being demeaning.