Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • New Wise County constable car is ready to roll.
  • Our prosecutors went over to Jack County and tried to put the hurt on an alleged "rolling meth lab."
  • I've been disappointed with Dale Hansen's series on the Cowboys and Jerry Jones this week. I just wish they would take 30 minutes and play Jerry's original press conference -- TV gold. (I actually posted a link to it online about a year ago, but now I can't find it.) Edit: My buddy Keith has it.
  • I made reference to the Florida Keys yesterday. From Dale's interview with Jimmy Johnson, I learned that Jimmy's house is in Islamorada, FL. (Google map)
  • I think a GPS device is good once you get in the general vicinity of where you need to go. But from 50 miles away, the thing wants to take you to Stephenville to get you to Dallas.
  • That chunk of a metal wood chipper that went crashing through a lady's house is one of the craziest stories I've ever heard.
  • News this morning that the government will now own 40% of Citigroup? Hey, that is nationalization. If you own 40% of any corporation you, if effect, run the corporation.
  • I wonder how many people that say "the United States is the greatest country in the world" have never even visited another country?
  • Continued lawyer carnage: One huge law firm laid off 190 attorneys today. I cannot imagine trying to get a job right out of law school right now.
  • Speaking of, I'm in a seminar in Dallas this morning. Total. Beat. Down. But I'm sure this will give me some good material for later this morning.
  • Edit: I am recording Megan Henderson's last day. I'll watch it tonight with big old Barry tears rolling down my Barry cheeks.