And The Aftermath

The conditions (as taken from my iPhone at 6:55 a.m.). Cold. Wind. Brutal. The bloody sock: For the last two weeks, I've developed this crazy problem of clipping my right ankle with my left shoe. It happened today causing the results in the photo. But I persevered. People are already saying it's the grittiest performance since Curt Schilling in Game Two of the World Series. The medal: Just like T-Ball, everybody gets one. My time?: I don't know yet. I was hoping to beat two hours flat, but it'll be close. I'll know later. Edit: Oh, no!!!!! Result: 2:00:15. (That was 128th out of 238th in my elderly old man's division.) Alvord resident Thomas Aaberg finished his first full marathon in an official time of 3:26:32. (That was 68th overall and 12th in his age division.) 18 year old David Cude of Decatur turned in a smoking 1:24:10 in the half marathon. If you ran and want me to post your time, let me know. I know Mrs. Jarhead was supposed to run the 10K --- I hope she wasn't delayed by serving him the mandatory Saturday breakfast in bed. Edit: Almost forget -- the iPod playlist: