Things America Socializes

For years, if anyone screamed "socialism" I was ready to grab my 12 gauge shotgun and prepare to defend freedom. And then, slowly, I began to realize how much socialism is already part of our daily lives. If we define it as the taking from all to be used for the benefit of all (a definition I just made up), then we have:
  • Police Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Sewer systems
  • Water (with an added per use surcharge)
  • Education of children
  • Some college education
  • Mail Delivery (with a small extra surcharge)
  • Military Protection
  • Transportation (highways, rail, bus)
  • Bank failure protection (FDIC)
  • Criminal justice protection (prisons, probation departments)
  • Civil liberties protection (trial courts, appellate courts)
But we freak out if we add "health care" to the list? And I'm probably missing some. Edit: Sheesh. The first few commentors seem to discount the list with the rationale of "that's not socialism, those are things that government does." Uh, that's my point.