The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Whether it be Democrat or Republican, the response to any presidential address by the party out of power is a beat down.
  • Volatile moment last night when Obama declared he had inherited "this mess" -- the Republicans looked none to happy. Goofy moment last night: "Because no one messes with Joe."
  • Crazy drug movie: Requiem for a Dream
  • Take a look at this chart comparing our current stock market crash to other economic downturns. If this is the beginning of a depression, we've got a ways to go.
  • Decatur's Daddy/Daughter dance slide show. Sweet. But I can't believe they had an open bar.
  • Joking. There was no open bar.
  • A hate it when someone pulls up beside me on the highway and I get this crazy feeling they are staring at me. Happened to me yesterday. And I was right (although it was just a friend.)
  • I can't remember the last time I went to a car show.
  • While jogging yesterday, I saw a guy that looked just like Michael McDonald (formerly of the Doobie Brothers.)
  • How in the world did they get away with being named the Doobie Brothers?
  • On the link below that was for listening to the Bridgeport/Decatur game last night, there's also a school sponsored video that runs about 14 minutes. At about minute 12, there's a bit with three guys dancing to "Single Ladies" in front of three female judges. You know, kinda funny.
  • I had the audio page up to listen to parts of the game last night, but it wouldn't work. Just silence. I accidentally left it on in the background and about an hour and a half later I had the crap scared out of me when a guy's voice blared in my living room for about five seconds.
  • I'm so proud Obama has kept us safe from the Evil Doers during his first month in office.
  • "AUSTIN — Three of Texas’ top elected officials offered strong public endorsements Tuesday of a proposal that would require an ultrasound for most women seeking an abortion." You've got to be kidding.
  • It's weird to take your pants off in a department store dressing room.
  • There's lots of buzz about 20/20's "Children of the Mountains" which focuses on the back wood kids of the Appalachian Mountains. (Story and link to full show here. I've not seen it but it looks good.)