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Interesting story out of Frisco. A teacher gets reprimanded for taking her fifth grade class on a field trip to a museum that had (surprise!) classic, religious nude art. A caller to the Mark Davis show a second ago said, "I'd let my kid go to the Cleburne Museum but not that Dallas one." That sums it up perfectly.


mzchief said...

That is INSANE!

God forbid a child/teen/young adult views artistic nudity but ALLOW them see all the death, gore, murder and violence they want on television or at theatres. It is always soooo much healthier to permit kids see something that should NEVER happen and hide from them the things they see everyday when they dress or hopefully will see at some point in their life.
For those of you who just can't seem to grasp the concept of sarcasm that was SARCASM!

Of course the student's parents were SHOCKED to find out there are pieces of art depicting nudity in museums. Most of those moronic parents had/have NEVER stepped foot in a museum.

I wonder how many of those students at some point had viewed PORN on their home computers PRIOR to going to the museum?

Atticus said...

Well we know that there is nothing more perverted than the sight of a nude human being? Right? In the past the local Methodist Church in Decatur has sponsored a human sexuality course for kids about the same age as those that went to the museum. The parents are told in advance what the program is about and the children see nude pictures of men and women and the kid get their questions answered about "human sexuality". ( How babies are made etc.) The program at the Church was led by a very mature gray haired woman who is trained to do the class. It was a very good program for the kids and the parents. The article Barry references in this case, says that the school approved the trip and parents were apparently notified of the content of the museum. If that is so, the parents and the school should take responsibility or blame (if there is any) and the teacher should not be reprimanded.

m&m said...

Good job mzchief and atticus. I agree totally. Most school districts have parental consent forms that have to be signed for field trips.

Anonymous said...

PC gone amok!! Insanity! Why doesn't the school just "fess up" and say "we didn't realize what might be in that museum", instead of blaming the teacher?

goober said...

I hope the parents get "teachers" in their schools who do nothing to educate the children and they all grow up having children out of wedlock and deciding nursing homes are too expensive so ship mom and dad off to some flop house, if they suvive that long.

Anonymous said...

Mzchief, good job...NOT! Your such a BITCH and NOT the good kind of bitch. Of course, I know your not going to go against your own advice and ignore me. That was sarcasm, too.

Anonymous said...

Um - museums have nudes - paintings and sculpture. Anyone who has stepped into a museum knows this. There is a famous "nude" called (I think) the "Swimming Hole" at the Amon Carter that shows (GASP!!!) nude boys swimming TOGETHER!! Bunch of homos! Or maybe a bunch of innocent kids cooling off on a hot summer day.

Nude doesn't always mean naked. We all know "dirty" when we see it. Sometimes nude means beautiful or natural - nothing shocking about that - unless you have a dirty mind.

If the parents signed the consent form then they are responsible - not the teacher. This is a public museum w/a web site - they could have done a 5 minute search and made an informed decision. I spent about 2 minutes and found this:

Naked man, naked man - my eyes, my eyes!!!!!!

I hope the intellegent parents step up and support this teacher.

Anonymous said...

But it's OK to take them to a zoo so they can watch the male chimps yank it until it sprays all over the glass. Or the rhinos dragging the ground. Geez.

Anonymous said...

maybe if we didnt make sexuality this big secret thing that could not be talked about, we would not have so many pregnant teens.

The human body is a beautiful thing. Maybe it was the parents that needed the lesson, not the kids.