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I Just Hope My House Appreciates A Little

Jerry bought the Cowboys for $150 million in 1989 (man, it'll be the twenty year anniversary soon). Anyway, Forbes Magazine thinks he could sell it today for $1.17 billion. And, for what it's worth, I like Jerry. I don't know what complaints you could possibly have. He spends a ton of money on players. He wants to win. And he doesn't meddle ever since giving The New Jersey Con Man complete control over the team.


Anonymous said...

The team values are based on revenues streams from (new)stadiums, merchandise, etc. There is no correlation between team value and successfully operating the team (from a win loss perspective).

Jerry is a guy who succeeds in spite of himself. It is not because he is smart. He is just goofy enough to take on all comers in a given situtation. He has the new stadium because he horse traded the suburbs into giving him a sweet deal.

As GM the only good decision he ever made was to hire Jimmy Johnson. Any other person would have recognized that. Not Jerry. He really though he was responsible for the 90s success. Actually the high drafts choices inherited from Tex Schram and some sleeper signings like they made (Hershel Walker) built the base and Jimmy made it work.

I challenge you to name one good personnel move he has made since Jimmy left. (players or coach). I predict that as long as Jerry is GM (alive) the Cowboys will not be in the Super Bowl. No good coach will take the job.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like we're on a little Jerry bashing mission, ANON 10:09.

Did Jerry makes some mistakes? Sure he did. Did he probably think too highly of himself? Yes, he did. And I say these things as a loyal Cowboy fan and a Jerry supporter. I support him because, like Barry said. he has spent a ton of money on the team and he wants to win!

I've got a friend who still doesn;t like Jerry because he fired Tom Landry. Well, Landry had struggled the past three or four years he was in control, so it might have been time for a change.

Just like any GM, Jerry has made mistakes and learned from them. That's why the best coach available at the time is here right now!

I'll take Jerry Jones, his ego, his money and those three Super Bowls from the 90s, plus the possibility of getting back there with the current team and coach. I wouldn't trade them for anything or any other team in the NFL. But if you don't like Jones, there's always the Redskins for you to like.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how somebody can slam Jerry Jones, but while doing so cite all the reasons that make him a successful owner. "Hired Jimmy Johnson", "horse traded with suburbs to get a new stadium", etc. 10:09 might as well have said, "hey, this chicken doesn't taste like chicken" and been as astute.

Anonymous said...

10:31 I think you should should sign up for homer of the week. The things you refer to are the things that are the problem. He has spent a ton of money but has little to show for it. A good GM could have really done something with that money. Think about it, no playoff wins since 1995? He apent a fortune on "one toe" Sanders who didn't play in half the games his final year. Quincy Carter? Ryan Leaf, Drew Henson? Chad Hutchinson? Joey Galloway? I could go on.
Wants to win? All NFL owners want to win. Problem is Jerry sees himself as a "football man" who knows everything from "socks to jocks". He clearly does not. Draw a line where Jimmy left and watch the slide in talent. If he would have chilled his gigantic ego and apologized for his liquored up comments where he tried take credit for everything, Jimmy would have stayed and this train wreck could have been delayed a few years. And Parcells gets 8-10 wins a year. I guess that is an improvement over the 5-11 years with that spare Campo as coach.

And 10:39:

I am still trying to figure out your chicken analogy. I can slam him because he is so slamable. To Jerry hiring Jimmy was nothing He said "500 coaches could take the Cowboys team to the Super Bowl." Looks like we still have 500 to go.
My point was his football related GM skills are like a monkey with a hand granade. Creates a big explosion, leaves nothing but a big hole. If you get a sweet enough stadium deal Foghorn Leghorn could make that list but it does mean his team would be a consistent winner.

Anonymous said...

His plastic surgery look gives me a headache every time I see him. He should wear dark sunglasses at all times to make me feel better when I have to look at him.