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Man, this happening a lot. There was the guy from Midolothian two weeks ago, the guy in the hotel off Mockingbird in Dallas yesterday, and now this morning we have another. I'm looking supiciously at my co-workers just in case they might flip out.


mzchief said...

I would bet dollars to dimes your co-workers are looking at you in the exact same way and WAITING for you to "flip out."


Texas Summers make people who are just a wee bit whacked go absolutely feather plucking insane!
You do have GREAT air conditioning in your office, correct?

Anonymous said...

There will be so much more of this. There is so much more despair. Poor parenting (or lack of parents), abused kids that only know how to abuse as they get older, young adults with no skills, just a whole host of social ills are now coming to roost. Incomes are dropping, entitlements are dwindling, immigrants are storming in and soon there will be a bust in the job market for those people. Then what? It's going to get really bad as we, the 40+ somethings, pay the piper for our lack of attention to the underbelly of America and it's rapid decay. It's here

Anonymous said...

The sky's falling, the sky's falling!!

goober said...

Better keep an eye on ol' Brock. you just never know for sure about those former Weatherford Kangeroos!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean former Kangaroo (spelled with an "a"). Once a Roo always a Roo.