Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts:
  • Yep, played golf yesterday and I actually put one in the cup from 140 yards out. (An eagle on a par 5). I'm an absolutely awful golfer but for that one brief moment life was good. But I'm prepared to wait another 20 years for it to happen again.
  • On the Emmy's tonight, the three original Charlie's Angels appeared - still not bad after all of these years.
  • On Fox 4 News, there was a story about some high school girl who was sent home from Fossil Creek High School because she had pink hair. Her respect-authority-mom appeared on a video clip to call the situation the result of "stupidity" on the part of administration. Nice.
  • The Terrell Owens situation is getting comical - who would have thought it would have gone down hill so fast.
  • Bill Parcells never smiles - and he looks like a miserable human being.
  • I rented The Marathon Man the other day - good stuff.
  • I rented The Truman Show the other day - awful stuff.
  • I'm now watching season one of Boston Legal - very promising stuff.
  • If you want to see a very bizarre clip of an Emmitt Smith roast with Jamie Foxx absolutely gutting a struggling comedian, check this out.(But: extreme language warning.)