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How Could He Survive?

Sports Tidbits go over like a lead balloon here, but this paragraph in the DMN regarding UT having to replace their placekicker made me roll my eyes. Check out the last sentence. (And, as a sidenote, I'd like to apologize for truncating Mr. Shipley's head.)


Anonymous said...

Punting, field goals and kicking off are very different actions. Requires different muscles, different stretching, different practice regimens. It is difficult to do all three; even if only from the point of view of practice time with the units and physical preparation. Very different physically, and even mentally. You don't see very many that do all three well, and there's a reason for it. Much like you don't see many 100 yard sprinters running distance races; or why you don't often get triple crown winners. Lots of kids start out and are pretty good at all kicking, but as they progress to the point where they need to be major Division I or NFL quality in all three areas, that's where the fall off is.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to George Blanda.