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The Size Of The Top High School Offensive Linemen


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see any local High School games last night.... I had to work and only heard scores?

greta said...

Decatur 21/Burkburnett 10, Bridgeport 6/Breckenridge 33,
Boyd 35/Gunter 25,
Rio Vista 14/Chico 13

m&m said...

I went to Decatur's game. They didn't look very sharp. A lot of chaos on the sideline and miscommunication on the offensive side of the ball. Not your typical looking Kyle Story team. But it is only pre-season. Hopefully improvement will come along as the season rolls along.

What's up with that high school age 'Shaq' playing for Skyline? He's huge.

Anonymous said...

Obesity is definetily becoming a problem with young people. And they wonder why they fall like flies during summer workouts.

Anonymous said...

I'm sleepy

Anonymous said...

Now I'm SURE none of them would be taking STEROIDS, would they? And 11:24 AM, you're right--many of them are probably medically obese. They'll be useful at the high school level, but no farther. As for any on that list that are that tall and MUSCULAR--WOW!!

BK said...

There is something really wrong with a program that allows its youth to be manipulated to such am extent. Wouldn't it be more laudible if we helped those kids earn an advanced college degree?
Is what happened to Reggie White so difficult to recall? These are not sides of beef they are kids and there are limits ro the human body.

Before you think I am anti football, I was on a team that was ranked #1 in the natiom, but not in Texas. The biggest lineman on that team was 6'6" 275. In pads he was a building but as I recall he could still run a 5 sec flat 40. That was a long time ago, and I had the honor and pleasure of playing with or against 2 players that are in the NFL Hall of Fame. That big linemans career lasted 4 more years (USC); he got his degree and a national championship. Then he decided to do something else. He then entered the seminary.

I never made it to college ball despite several scholarships, my dad said "no that's enough games, I'll pay for your college". Despite my being 6'3" 230 and bigger than my dad I will always remember his hands that were as big as any I would ever see. the proverbial hands of stone that I never wanted to feel. I didn't argue with Dad; besides he was right, those 2 degrees I earned will not ever be taken away nor forgotten.

As I like to say, you have to keep your eye on the ball.