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There's No Betting At Bushwood

After giving up golf for a few years, I finally got the clubs out again the summer. And the results have been pleasant. Frustrating. But pleasant. Until Saturday when my good friend Joseph convinced me that playing the we should play Sky Creek Ranch in Keller. "It's no harder than anything else we've played," he said. Funny, I don't remember playing a course where your ball would disappear into some Grand Canyon like ravine every time you miss the green by three freakin' feet. And to make matters worse, we were caught in the biggest rainstorm of the summer on the 12th hole. The game was over. And that was probably a good thing.


Anonymous said...

It is the hightest point in Tarrant County (per the club) - beautiful view. We went to Easter brunch there a few years ago - the food was HORRIBLE!

mzchief said...

To Barry...
No doubt golf is frustrating but there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction that comes from hitting that sweet, sweet, perfect shot or sinking that UNpossible putt. (unpossible is more impossible than impossible) If my last couple of shots or even holes are trainwrecks, after the round I will spend a wee bit of time on the range and hit balls until I feel like I actually KNOW how to hit a golfball.

Thank you for the tip on the next course for me and my golfmates to visit. If you want to experience golfing in a canyon go to The Cliffs. If you go to The Cliffs and have so much as a hint of a slice or hook, just make certain to take an ENTIRE BOX of balls. ;)