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anonymouse said...

makes me thirsty....

Anonymous said...

Barry we are about the same age, u remember 1980. 26 years later I just don't think the newcomers to Wise Co. will deal with this one.

1980-heat wave!!! (118 degrees record).We walked to Blockers Camp along the Big Creek channel from party central (Wise Co. Park).

1981-In October we swam to Blockers Camp with 23 inches of rain pushing us from party central with a full lake.

1983-We walked to Blockers Camp in December from party central on ice, with a full lake for three weeks of freezing.

I'm afraid we will be walking to Blockers Camp in the dry for a along time.

We have alot more people now depending on water supplies, Tarrant County Water District will never go without.

How about Wise County getting a reservior between 1810 and 380 on the Sandy? TCWD watershed will not be affected greatly, Amon G is full at this time from Sandy Creek water. U go to Jackboro all the time, look the lake is full, we are without in the drought.

Anonymous said...

I tapped some ass that looked like that once. Never drank tequlia again.