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Hornbuckle Trial

The defense in the hip hop pastor sexual assault case in Fort Worth rested this morning without calling any witnesses (including the defendant). Yeah, the State has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Yeah, the defendant has a right not to testify. Yeah, the jury can't hold it against the defendant if he doesn't testify. But . . . I think that's a dangerous strategy.


greta said...

Barry, I agree that it probally is a bad idea for the defense not to testify, especially because there were no witnesses. Not one witness,even to his character or anything.

Isn't he a pastor? A person would think that because he was a pastor, that he would have had a congregation that would have stood behind him on this matter?

mmmmmmm...... very interesting.

Anonymous said...

greta2424, you must have been out of town not to know all about this guy and the trial. He was suppose to have Deon Sanders and TJ Jakes testify. He does have his 'followers' just like David Karesh (spelling?). The man is a scumbag. I just hope they will be able to prove his guilt but the reasonable doubt may be the problem.