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Any Poll Ideas? My Brain Is Tired


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea:

How about a poll on whether or not we're tired of polls?

Anonymous said...

How about some type of poll about what the folks think will get them to heaven. After reading some of the past comments, this would be great entertainment.

Anonymous said...

How about a popularity poll concerning County Commissioners? With their stance concerning the Fire Department and Animal Shelter, it's probably a good thing there isn't an election this week!

goober said...

In Lieu of schools starting, how about a poll of the most over-paid head coach;the school thatwaste the most tax-payer dollars; the school which provides the best overall education, test scores not with-standing; the school people would most like to send their kids to if they could.

Anonymous said...

How about whether Wise County should get away from the old "Commissioners' Kingdoms" sysstem and go to a single road and bridge district?

Anonymous said...

I'm betting that any poll related to schools could just read "In which district do you live?" Everyone's school is the best regardless of test scores; everyone's coaching staff is too big; every AD is overpaid; everyone's football team is going to the playoffs.

mzchief said...

Possible Polls

How long before Terrell Owens gets the boot or arrested.

Which Big 12 team will win the championship game/title. (You know what I mean, make it say the right thing.)

Favourite season of the Year.

Favourite grade level of school; elementary, middle school, high school or college. (If you really stop and take the time to think about what you did during each grade you might be surprised at the fun/funny things and people you remember.)

Favourite meat.

Favourite newspaper.

Favourite pick-up truck. (After all, it is Wise County.)

Best team colours.

Worst team colours.

Best team mascot.

Worst team mascot. Who really wants to be a “Horny Toad”?

Favourite Beer.

Person most likely to win 2008 presidential election. (That should stir the pot)

Collectionsite said...

How about ..

All time best President.
Favorite Holiday.
Paper or Plastic.
Chicken or the Egg.

Heck I will start it out ..

Mzchief .... TCU Purple Horny Toads rule :)

mzchief said...

To collectionsite
Nice! Really NICE! You made me spew hot tea all over myself!

Why oh why did I not guess YOU would step up and wave the purple flag glad to be a "Horny Toad"????


Anonymous said...

How about....goofiest TSA airport screeners

Elle said...

Mizchief, I refer you to the thread "I don't know". I would really like to hear your response. Thanks

Anonymous said...

8:08 I will start the only thing to get anyone to heaven is the sacrifice made by and the mercy of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Collectionsite said...

Anon at 10:40

Amen .. I will vote for that. I thank him every day for his sacrifice :)

June FN Cleaver said...

I'll throw in with collectionsite on TCU...Go Frogs!

mzchief said...

To elle...
After responding to the two days worth of HATER comments I stated in MY FINAL comment to that blog post, that I have finished with that topic.

Thank you for respecting MY right to make the choice to move on to a different topic. However, if you wish to continue commenting on the "I don't know" blog post please do so.

Elle said...

Mizchief...fair enough. I just ask you to consider my thoughts on the subject. Respectfully Elle

stu-morone said...

Who is the smatist on this blog? You speel it stu-morone

Butthead said...

Uh..Huh..Huh...Barry's been taking polls all over town.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell. If Barry can't come up with one, I will.

What is your favorite poll?

tad ......... 0
light........ 0
flag......... 0

(Please darken the circle by your choice.)

Anonymous said...

anon 1:50, you forgot one, of which i think most guys will darken:

stripper: 0

Anonymous said...

for goodness sake elle....why beat a dead horse. Stick to the topic.

Anonymous said...

1:50 - I like your style.

I say we poll where to find the best sweet tea in Decatur. Lard knows I love my sweet tea.

Anonymous said...

Why not a simple poll for this blog.


Anonymous said...

How about whether we should take roads away from the Commissioners and go to the unit system with a public works department?