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Kids' Songs Drive Me Insane

But I'd be happy to use the fake U2 singing, "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" if I had six kids. The heck with The Wiggles.


Sometimes Ellie said...

Grandma used to line up the grandkids and make us sing that song.

Grandma's been dead now for 10 years.

I still hate Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Kids like kids' songs. That's the main thing. And all of us were kids once, and liked kids' songs.

On a tangent, isn't it amazing how many people you run into that "don't want kids" or "don't like kids". Yet all of them were kids, and could be presumed to have been wanted and liked themselves along the way? And taking it to a controversial level, it also amazes me that 100 percent of all the people in favor of abortion were not themselves aborted. No one ever asks an aborted person how they feel about the issue.

Anonymous said...

If you're against abortion, don't have one.

June FN Cleaver said...

I don't even think I'll comment on this...I'll just go eat some fruit salad or maybe a hot potato.

Now from a mom's perspective...I quite enjoy watching Anthony sing the little kid songs.